honouring process

STEP 1 - Choose WHO and HOW 

Once you have chosen who you wish to honour, decide if you want to inundate them with a list of compliments, things they like, souvenirs, anecdotes, personality traits ... a mix of all or something else altogether.  If you've decided to honor a family member, you're not alone!  Get the rest of the family to join you and see how amazing the experience is for everyone.  All you have to do is open a GOOGLE DOC and anyone you invite, anywhere, can join the fun, anytime.  Don't forget to give your list a title, it will inspire your contributors.  Set a deadline to get people going ... and finishing.  This collaborative process is also great for a work related colleague.  Get the entire office to participate!  

Here's the type of invitation you might send to invite your friends, colleagues or family to collaborate.

STEP 2 - Start writing

Alone or with a group.  Once the list is complete, you are ready to place your order.  You may type your list/text inside the special instructions box at checkout or provide me with a link to your Google doc.  Please note that your order cannot be processed without the text.  

STEP 3 - Indicate your preference

Have a look at the different styles: aliceannie, danka, gerry, luc, maggie and tess and let me know which one you would like.  Please note that based on your text, I may have to recommend a different design.  ALICE and GERRY are best for few words; favourite things and compliments.  ANNIE, DANKA and MAGGIE can accomodate longer sentences; anecdotes.  LUC is beautiful in a frame.  For longer souvenirs, TESS is best.  In most cases, you may also indicate a color preference.

STEP 4 - Proofing and confirmation 

Your order will be designed with the text you have provided.  Within 72 hours, you will be e-mailed a PDF proof of your text or a message in which we recommend a better-suited style.  In the latter case, we will wait for your approval before e-mailing the proof.

Upon receiving the PDF proof, you will be asked to inspect it carefully for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.  We recommend that you have someone else double proof it!  One round of text revisions is included in the cost of your card.  Further revisions will be charged at a cost of 25$ for each additional round.  Your written approval, by email, will be required before proceeding with production.  Any changes after this point will incur costs if printing has begun.  Note: PAPERNURSE is not responsible for any errors or omissions by the client after final approval.

STEP 5 - Production

Once your order has been approved, printing and production will be under way.  Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for production.

STEP 6 - Shipping

Please allow an additional week for shipping, depending on your destination.