subscription FAQ

What do the creations look like every month?

Each month I produce by hand a one-of-a-kind paper creation with exquisite papers.  It may come with a see-through envelope, might be stitched, folded, embossed, very small, bright, textured, transparent, or not.  The format, materials and techniques of each finished card will be a surprise from month to month.  Just wait and see!

Why a subscription?

I believe in the subscription model as a sustainable way to directly support myself, my son and my art projects ( and to increase the number of people who will be spreading thoughtfulness in our community.  Each paper creation is crafted with exquisite materials collected over a long creative career.  I am able to offer these creations at such affordable prices in exchange for your help in planning my production by subscribing for several months.  Your subscription allows me to run an efficient monthly production rather than make each card, piece by piece.

When do the cards arrive?

You should receive each card before the 15th of the month.  

Is there text on the cards?

The cards are blank but may sometimes contain a word that is embossed.  This is why you may choose between the ENGLISH or the FRENCH subscription.

How do you guarantee that the cards arrive in perfect condition?

Each card is mailed in a rigid envelope.  This way, your card should never arrive folded or damaged.

Can the Thoughtfulness Subscription be offered as a gift?

Yes, just indicate that it is a gift (in the little box at checkout) and make sure to specify that person's address in the shipping box.

Why is SHIPPING so expensif?

I use Canada Post because it is the cheapest way I can deliver cards to your door but the subscription does entail 3, 6 or 12 mailings!  It just wouldn't be as much fun if I sent them all to you in a single bundle.