welcome to papernurse!

PAPERNURSE spreads thoughtfulness, creates connections and pays homage to individuals with personalized couture cards.

  • they are exquisitely packaged words and messages
  • that sooth, give cheer, treat, thank, compliment, honor, delight and pamper 
  • your family, friends, colleagues and total strangers
Our medium is the message.

We believe in the act of mailing or hand delivering a beautiful card [more than a hallmark card from your cornerstore and more than an e-card].  We encourage one-of-a-kind creations and handwritten words on paper, the act of writing, the act of giving, the act of soothing and the act of receiving.

We value thoughtfulness.

Together we can create a card to honor someone.  You can join our community and spread thoughtfulness for a year.  You can order BLANKS; mobiles or ribbons à la carte or trigger some SPARKS with a word, mantra or secret.  Our tapas and tiny letters are personalized, short, sweet and delicious!  You can even buy compliments by the dozen or challenge me to something I haven't thought of yet.

Let's make someone's day!