Patti will never be forgotten

Posted by patsy vanroost on March 14, 2013 0 Comments

She's just retiring so her colleagues gathered their thoughts and I stitched them all together into a mobile...

just so she doesn't forget how much she was loved.


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Posted by patsy vanroost on November 16, 2012 0 Comments

This year MAKE C.O.U.T.U.R.E x-mas cards, decorations and THOUGHTFUL gifts.

When?    THURSDAY NIGHTS + SUNDAY AFTERNOONS from November 29th to December 16th [or any day that fits your schedule and for which you can form a group of 4 (*find 4 friends and your spot is free!)]

Where?    In the heart of the Mile-End


No experience or special talent required.  First come first serve.  5 max/workshop.  In english and in french.

COUTURE X-MAS CARDS    November 29: 7-9pm / December 9: 2-4pm / December 13: 7-9pm

Make cards to mail to family abroad and friends real close or little cards to accompany your gifts.   Precious papers, ribbons, envelopes, neat tools, loads of ideas, studio and stitches will be provided.  2 hours of CREATIVE FUN.  $25/person ($40/parent + child).  You can easily go home with a dozen creations!  Check out photos of last year's workshop here.

THOUGHTFUL GARLAND(S)  December 16: 2-5pm

Decorate your x-mas tree with pictures of your family and friends, your kids drawings (they make sooo many, this is a great way to use them!), your own sketches, words that you cherish or even wrote, old letters you've kept in a shoebox for years, souvenirs ... or just letting your imagination go wild with collage and the inspiration of the moment.  Bring pictures, drawings, letters, notes ... whatever you wish to include and I'll show you how to cut snippets from them to make a very thoughtful garland.  Precious papers, neat tools, ideas, studio and stitches will be provided.  3 hours of CREATIVE FUN.  30$/person.  You should be able to make one garland for your tree and one to give as a gift.

MAILABLE ORNAMENTS December 2: 2-5pm / December 6: 6:30-9pm

Create your own collection of cards which double as ornaments.  An ingenious mailable gift!  Although you can buy BLANK ones in my shop, here we will make them personal and personalized.  Keep in mind the person you're making it for or just imbue it with your own sparkle- be it photography, writing, drawing, collage ... Precious papers, cut words, neat tools, ideas, studio and stitches will be provided.  2 and a half hours of CREATIVE FUN.  30$/person

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Your child's worked hard at school this year?

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It's summer, don't forget to thank him with a bit of the sea... in paper.

3 months, 3 surprises in the mail.

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just shipped

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to a lucky dad in Vancouver.

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From a child to his dad

Posted by patsy vanroost on June 07, 2012 0 Comments

You can still subscribe to Just for kids on time for Father's day!  Two gifts in one- the child will receive a surprise by mail and he can make a beautiful card for dad for Father's Day.  This month's theme is c.h.o.c.o.l.a.t.e, delicious!  And of course the monthly surprise will continue for 2 more months.

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